Push notifications


Does anyone have a working library or code for push notifications on iOS?


I could be wrong but I believe push notifications are not supported by Xojo at the moment. But maybe someone with greater Xojo knowledge can correct me if I’m wrong.

Local push notifications? In yesterday’s Geoffnote, they got a brief mention. They’re on their way!


While waiting for that support, depending on your needs you could consider sending notifications via HTTP calls using an API from a place like Pushover – but it does require their app to be installed on the receiving device because it is what gets the push notifications instead of your own app.

However, I use it for some private use stuff with limited users (especially me). And low enough volume I qualify for the free level.

I have various desktop / console / cloud apps which will send me and others push notifications, and Pushover is how I do it now since they have free iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

It is not as suitable for widely distributed iOS apps of your own where you want users to get notifications. But it was a quick way for me to let some of my cloud apps notify me and select others of various conditions that may need attention.