Pull to refresh on regular view

Good afternoon (o;

Playing with the iOS target to be used as an internal backend tool for our online shop…though haven’t decided to renew my Pro license or go with Swift(UI)…

Anyway…I’ve seen apps that display like a static page but still offer to be pulled down for refreshing the view…this behavior I’ve only seen in Xojo with iOSMobileTable, which works perfectly for pulling in updated JSON via HTTPS…

So can this be achieved as well with MobileScreen or something similar?
Or do I need to place just a big one-row Cell to do it?

thanks in advance

In Xojo, pull to refresh is only possible with iOSMobileTable.

Using declares it is possible to have a pull to refresh behaviour in a MobileScrollableArea.

Antonio Rinaldi implemented it in his ARiOSMobileCollectionView control.

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This is what annoys me most in Xojo…

If you want that your apps don’t look like 10 years ago you need to buy loads of plugins/add-ons which sum up to over US$ 1000 (o;

iOSdesignExtensions is free and regularly updated.

But when it comes to advanced features you can either write the declares yourself, or save some time and buy code from someone else.