Publish to Microsoft Store?

I have a problem I hope someone could shed some light on.

I have developed and built my first app on xojo. Wanting to host it on the MS store I went ahead and purchased the Dev Center account and started the process of submitting my app. I have run into signing problems.

I am unsure where to add my “Product Identity” credentials to the app for digital signing. Would anyone have any information on how I proceed?

Any information is greatly appreciated!

As far as I know there is no need to digitally sign anything. I have several apps in the Windows Store (now Microsoft Store), and never signed the app. Microsoft takes care of that.

You may want to follow this thread about the process involved in putting an app there:


Please check our plugin classes for the Windows Store.

Hi Michael, thank you for the reply. I had a read through the links you provided. It seems the desktop app converter doesnt seem to have any base images anymore. But upon further research I believe Microsoft released MSIX Packaging tool. Has this replaced the DAC?

If so would that mean, If I purchase a certificate from ksign and use the MSIX packaging tool to convert my application and attach the ksign certificate. Would I then be able to upload to Microsoft Store?

Apologies, the Microsoft dev center was telling me to add code to the manifest. I was unaware it done it all.

Many thanks

Again, I never sign anything before uploading to the Microsoft Store.

But you may still want to sign at least the installer, if you distribute elsewhere.

About the manifest, here is what I have in AppxManifest.xml for Check Print’R+:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Package xmlns="" xmlns:uap="" xmlns:uap2="" xmlns:uap3="" xmlns:rescap="" xmlns:desktop="">
  <Identity Name="ABCWareLLC.CheckPrintR" ProcessorArchitecture="x86" Publisher="CN=EB4109EB-09FE-4802-BE08-B95CE8C73C52" Version="" />
    <DisplayName>Check Print'R+</DisplayName>
    <Resource Language="en-us" />
    <TargetDeviceFamily Name="Windows.Desktop" MinVersion="10.0.14393.0" MaxVersionTested="10.0.14393.0" />
    <PackageDependency Name="Microsoft.VCLibs.120.00.UWPDesktop" MinVersion="12.0.40652.5" Publisher="CN=Microsoft Corporation, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US" />
    <rescap:Capability Name="runFullTrust" />
    <Application Id="CheckPrinterPlus" Executable="CheckPrintR+.exe" EntryPoint="Windows.FullTrustApplication">
      <uap:VisualElements DisplayName="CheckPrinterPlus" Description="CheckPrinterPlus" BackgroundColor="#777777" Square150x150Logo="Assets\SampleAppx.150x150.png" Square44x44Logo="Assets\SampleAppx.44x44.png" />
      <Extensions />
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Michael thank you for the help, I’ve gotten furthur than I have in the last few days.

Just another question, where do I put the manifest file?

Again I must apologies, this part of the process is extremely new to me.

The manifest was created by the DAC.

I since simply update that file and the exacutable, and use MakeAppx to wrap it up as AppX.

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Perfect, thank you Michael.

i use inno setup and then MSIX Packaging tool for a package that can be upload into ms store.
the signing i let do by the store, it take awhile but works.


Thank you for the info Markus, what do you put in place for the “certification” option? Do you use a self signed one?

i believe it was do not sign package and then it was sign later by store but i am not sure.

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Thank you again Markus!

I think what was confusing me more was the manifest.xml. I didn’t realise you could add the information to the package manifest using the MSIX package tool.

this form input dialog have a few values from store for the Identity,
if they do not match the upload is invalid.
ms could also add this informaton after upload without annoying us.

example settings:

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That’s great Markus, I’m going to give it a go tonight!

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Success Markus! I ran into a few problems at first. my appxmanifest.xml had “fullTrust” included and Microsoft was wanting to know the reason… so i edited it out with the MSIX Packaging tool and re-uploaded and submitted it fine.

I know I keep saying it, but thank you! :grin:


Indeed Xojo apps wrapped for the Windows Store require Full Trust.

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What would be the reason I should tell Microsoft for the full trust access? My app is just a simple specific calculator tha can print and also save the calculations to the user’s computer as a .txt file.

Just tell them it is a desktop app.

VS new API apps are severely limited in terms of access to disk and other things. Noticeably, they cannot quit.

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Ah, ok. That makes sense. Thank you Michael!

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