Public Kudos to Ricardo

I have watched this number for a very long time. It generally has been increasing. It was stalled at about 165 for quite some time but recently it’s been coming down. That makes me happy.


Thanks a lot Jay (and everyone!) for the support :green_heart:

I’ve been tracking both, Open and Closed Web tickets, to challenge myself. Even if you see the number stuck for a while, I’m still maintaining the pulse and doing my best to fix them.

Next milestone: Less than 100 :sweat_smile:


Or in the negatives :wink:

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Cheer up Ricardo!!!
You’re great. Without a doubt you will reduce errors in the web format.

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Ricardo is definitely the one for the job. Was excited when he was hired, and still am. Keep at it, buddy, you’re doing great things!


Pretty soon you’ll have it down low enough that we can release a number of feature requests on you. We’ve been holding them back not wanting to distract from the important work you’ve been doing already.

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Me sumo a felicitarlo (en español) por el buen trabajo que está realizando.
Incluso estando atento a las pequeñas consultas que nos surgen y siempre dando una mano.
Espero la web2 siga avanzando !

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Indeed, it’s a good incentive to move to web 2! Thank you for your work! :o)

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Not only that, but the blog examples or examples provided here on the forum are valuable. Keep up the good work and thanks for doing it.


Thank you again everyone, it means a lot. It’s a dream contributing to this project, with all its history, sharing commits with the rest of the team.

The warm welcome from the company, and the community, since first day has been incredible. :green_heart: