pseudo code help

I have all the code for my project done, but, the last part, i can’t seem to get the bubble sort code.

this is the pseudo code.

repeat until no pairs are swapped
for all the items in the array minus one
if this item is greater than the next one
swap them
remember that you did a swap
end for
end repeat

why not read the answers to the last time you asked this exact same question?

Dave beat me to it. You started another thread, and got answers, here:

I am using EdrawMax Pro for a lot of mindmapping things and working out ideas.

It is also possible to use a Vector drawing or wordprocessor (pseudo code) for clear results. Mostly it depends on the thinking process behind the design. When the thinking behind the procedures is flawed, the best mindmapping application will also fail.

Mostly the most simple methods for structuring ideas gives the best results.

I do not use complex organigrams, just plain simple ways like visual drawings (flow charts) and pseudo code describing individual procedures.

I advice the original poster to read some tutorials on the subject.

Or his classmates… the two posts so far look like homework tasks.
The pseudo code above looks like a reasonable start for a bubble sort
heres slightly less pseudocodey code,( but presumably the whole point of the task is to write the code and therefore learn by trying, not ask someone else to do it for you)

while no_pairs_are_swapped
no_pairs_are_swapped = true
for x = 0 to alltheitemsinthearrayminusone

if thisitem > thenextone
swap them
no_pairs_are_swapped = false //remember that you did a swap
end if

next //end for