PSA: You may want to update your app to Xojo 2022 r4.1 now

In Ventura 13.2 (a), currently in beta, my Xojo 2022r3 application won’t read documents from disk. I don’t know the exact cause other than getting an OutofBounds exception.

However recompiling with Xojo 2022 r4.1 makes it work just fine. :slight_smile:

Note this works fine in Ventura 13.2 b1. It’s only post security update 13.2 (a) that it fails.

Getting the version information did an OutOfBounds exception. See the discussion from the weekend.

There are lots, I mean lots, of important bugs squashed in R3.1, R3.2, and R4. Then an Apple security patch broke R4 too, including the IDE, and that’s exactly why R4 was patched as R4.1 (plus few extras)

I saw that however as far as I know, that method doesn’t check the system version other than IF targetMacOS and If TargetWin32

And kudos to Xojo for the squashing.

The other side of the coin is that most of them were silly ones that could not even exist if when Xojo introduced those broken “new features” they made basic unit tests. But I’m glad they fixed what was found until now and hope that there aren’t some more lurking to explode something. :smiley: R4.1 seems the most stable one from 2022.


Probably TargetMacOS checks the macOS version.

@Rick_A : I’ve got another crash report from a user when checking RunTimeException.Stack which is used by each and every dialog in my app.

As I see here, seems not reproducible yet:

That’s certainly not the case.

The Target… are constants that are set at compile time by the IDE, depending on the target you’re building for, so there’s no need to check them at runtime.