Proxy Help Needed

I have a customer application that uses HTML Viewer and HTTPSocket. Now that I’ve set Native for the HTML Viewer, the viewer portion seems to work on both platforms (Windows for sure).

I’m struggling with the sockets. They are the legacy HTTPSocket (not automatically picking up the proxy server from the system). So some questions:

  1. If I’m using a HTTPSocket, not a HTTPSecureSocket, and the URL has HTTPS, does this cause any problems?
  2. I don’t have my own network here and want a quick and easy way to test / emulate being behind a proxy server. Can anyone tell me a quick way to set this scenario up without a steep learning curve or commercial expenditures? (there must be an easy way).
  3. Are there any gotchas that I should be aware of with the current HTTPSocket and proxy servers?

Thanks in advance.

Please check the classes from MBS Xojo Win Plugin for proxies: WindowsProxy

You can use WinHTTPClientMBS class to query proxies.