PropertyListSuggestion Error, But That's Not In My Project

I’m trying to update an existing project to use the latest version of CustomEditField (1.8.7) and am hitting a roadblock.

I’m getting the error shown below and I’m confused because I have nothing in my project called PropertyListSuggestion, but I do have one method called loadSuggestion. You can see in the screenshot there are ZERO calls to Graphics in that. There was one, but I commented it out and hardcoded a value just to try and get past this.

Any clues on where I should look for a solution? I’m using Xojo 2018.4 on a Mac with Mojave.

Well, sheesh, it is in my project, so I’m not sure why Find didn’t locate it.Kind of by accident I used the Filter and there it was. (Seriously, Find should be able to locate anything in my project.)

Turns out it’s a problem with Property ListBox from and since I’m using 1.6 (many years old) I grabbed the latest, assuming it would work with the latest version of Xojo,

Nope. Lots of errors.

Bah! Updating this project is rapidly reaching the “not fun” stage. I almost wonder if it wouldn’t be faster/easier to rewrite it from scratch. (Although if I decided to do that it won’t be in Xojo, which will be sad.)