Property-Name "Text"


since Xojo introduced the new Framework, it’s impossible to name a property in a class “Text As Text”. But i would love to. Is there a way or input to get a solution?

Thank and Greetings

Create the class in a version prior to 2015R1, export it, and you will be able to use it in newer versions with a Text property.

That is here to preserve back compatibility.

You can also “cheat” by saving the project in text format, then opening the file in a text editor and changing the property name manually.

Thanks to all of you and @Kem Tekinay - very interesting. But i have only the License for macOS, so it’s not possible to save in text format.

Note that this property called “Text” will be colored wrongly in the IDE’s code editor (as data type instead as a property).

Give it a name like foobzy. Then search and replace foobzy to Text.

Will wins the thread.

Great Will, so simple. Cool, cool, cool!!!

Just be aware it can confuse the compiler and autocomplete.