Property and Event Name Changes - Again

And here we go again with the changing of names of properties and events.

|61762|Framework » Desktop|Changed involved Property and Event names:

Value is now Text

ValueChanged is now TextChanged

Now, not being able to see the feedback report for the reasoning behind the change, I find that I again have to change names all over my code - and in many instances the change seems to be a reversion to what had been the previous names.

Yes, I know the deprecated ones still work. That’s not the point. They keep making more work for me just to maintain what I have, which takes away from productivity time. Well, I’ve had it! I’m staying with 2020r1.1 and unless Xojo at some point in the future releases features that I absolutely must have, when my license expires I am unlikely to renew it.

They announced this before the release. This blog post might have some of the information you’re looking for:

It took me a whopping 15 minutes to update from API 2.0 to API 2.1

But even then, I understand the frustration one may have to revert or re-modify the exact same changes, even if it was at the announcement time rather than after the release time.
I’m not too concerned myself about that, but I can imagine the time it takes to find&replace, knowing the changes won’t make compilation errors and the deprecated values can’t be replaced in a single find&replace all action (since the words are sometimes small and other code may contain the same sub-word).


Yes, it’s really boring. And Find/Replace is dangerous as, for exemple, MyListBox.Addow “xxx” remains like that but MyArray.AddRow “xxx” revert back to MyArray.Add “xxx” .
MyPopup.SelectedRowValue -> MyPopup.SelectedRow , I don’t remember what it was before but it could have been MyPopup.SelectedRowText as we have MyPopup.SelectedRowIndex .

Xojo team wrote that there may have change again in the future. It would be great to ask users (us) before do the change instead of after and then revert back 6 months later.
I love you anyway Xojo :smiley: , but I’m a little upset. If you were here I would do a household scene.

While at the same time simple changes to make code MUCH more reusable are not implemented. See Why the Mobile prefix?

I seem to remember it was just “.Text”.
(wow, I haven’t used 2.0 much yet and I’m already forgetting the 1.0 names… :crazy_face:)

Undoubtedly, they’re harmonising the language, and, in the end, it’ll certainly be a good thing. Obviously, they have to make changes to the language to do this harmonisation (it can hardly be a “parallel” version).
And they probably don’t have enough resources to focus “appropriately” on these naming changes; they have to do other things as well, so it may take time to implement the changes, and, eventually, recent changes must be reverted because (1) more suited for the current state or (2) a better idea came in between (or… I don’t know).
I can understand both sides (users and Xojo).