Properties lost when .rbp saved as .xojo_project

Various .xojo_window and .xojo_code files/modules lost (all or some of) their peoprties (as seen in the Xojo navigator) when the .rbp project was saved as .xojo_project in Xojo 2013r2. For each lost property the Xojo navigator displayed a square icon in the left hand side tree view without any name and no details in the right hand panel. The “Run” and “Build” failed, indicating “This Item does not exist” error for such property.

The cause has not been found yet that triggers this fault. However it was noted that, for lost properties, the impacted .xojo_window and .xojo_code files had a blank line between the #tag Property and #tag EndProperty. By removing this blank line in text editor, that property was visible in the Xojo navigator and the “Run” and “Build” operations were successful.

Here is a samples.

Property with faulty entry in xojo source code. Note the extra blank line.

[code] #tag Property, Flags = &h0
tisScriptInput As TextInputStream

#tag EndProperty

Blank line removed to fix the fault.

#tag Property, Flags = &h0 tisScriptInput As TextInputStream #tag EndProperty
May be it is a known fault. However report of similar fault was not found in Xojo Forum or the Feedback.

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Do you still have the RBP file ?
I’d be very interested in looking at it to see what might have caused this.
A bug report with the RBP attached would be really great


Sorry about the delay is response. The fault has been reproduced by starting from scratch. The cause of the reported fault seems to be based on more than one factors.

Here are the details of how this fault can be reproduced.

  1. Save the text below in corresponding files with indicated file names. This will be the source VB6 project Project1 to be migarted to RB using VBMigrationAssistant2012r1Windows (VBMA).

Filename: Project1.vbp

Type=Exe Form=Form1.frm Reference=*\\G{00020430-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}#2.0#0#..\\..\\..\\Windows\\SysWOW64\\stdole2.tlb#OLE Automation Startup="Form1" Command32="" Name="Project1" HelpContextID="0" CompatibleMode="0" MajorVer=1 MinorVer=0 RevisionVer=0 AutoIncrementVer=0 ServerSupportFiles=0 VersionCompanyName="Microsoft" CompilationType=-1 OptimizationType=0 FavorPentiumPro(tm)=0 CodeViewDebugInfo=0 NoAliasing=0 BoundsCheck=0 OverflowCheck=0 FlPointCheck=0 FDIVCheck=0 UnroundedFP=0 StartMode=0 Unattended=0 Retained=0 ThreadPerObject=0 MaxNumberOfThreads=1

Filename: Project1.vbw

Form1 = 109, 111, 880, 465, C, 75, 75, 846, 429, C

Filename: Form1.frm

[code]VERSION 5.00
Begin VB.Form Form1
Caption = “Form1”
ClientHeight = 3030
ClientLeft = 120
ClientTop = 450
ClientWidth = 4560
LinkTopic = “Form1”
ScaleHeight = 3030
ScaleWidth = 4560
StartUpPosition = 3 'Windows Default
Attribute VB_Name = “Form1”
Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = False
Attribute VB_Creatable = False
Attribute VB_PredeclaredId = True
Attribute VB_Exposed = False

’ Start of file.

Option Explicit

Dim ArrayByte(16,16) As Byte
Dim blnReport As Boolean
Dim blnDoNotReport As Boolean
Dim blnNoReport As Boolean

Public Function NewFunction(ByVal intVal1 As Integer) As String

ArrayByte(1,2) = 0
blnReport = False
blnDoNotReport = True
blnNoreport = True

NewFunction = Trim( Val( intVal1 / 2 ) )

End Function

’ End of file.

  1. Migrate this VB6 project Project1 to RB by using the VBMA and save the output file as Project1.xml.

  2. (This step could no longer be executed due to unavailability of RB2012r2.1 license, however the fault could still be reproduced by executing step 4 below by using Project1.xml directly). Open the Project1.xml in RB2012r2.1 and note that this project can be Run and Built without errors (after certain modifications for uncommenting the VB6 migrated code. Please also see point 7 below) and the Properties of Form1 do not have the fault that is reported in the original post above. Then save this project as Project1.rbp.

  3. Open the Project1.rbp (or Project1.xml) in Xojo2013r2 and note that the Properties of Form1 do not have the fault that is reported in the original post above. The Run and Build, both are successful for this project. Then save this project as Project1.xojo_project and exit Xojo completely.

  4. Open Project1.xojo_project in Xojo2013r2 and note that the reported fault has been reproduced as the Properties of Form1 are showing a square/cube icon without name and details, as seen in the Xojo navigator. Both the Run and Build fail with error “This item does not exist” being indicated for the lost properties.

  5. Analysis: The VBMA output Project1.xml file has a linefeed before each of the for the properties that are lost, as seen in the Xojo navigator. This linefeed seems to have been copied (to Project1.rbp and later) to the Form1.xojo_window source code file as a blank line between #tag Property and #tag EndProperty that has resulted in the reported fault. If the mentioned linefeed is removed from the Project1.xml then Form1.xojo_window source code file does not have the blank line between #tag Property and #tag EndProperty and the fault is removed.

  6. Another point to note here is that VBMA output xml file shows two dimensional arrays with the first index having extra text As Variant after the first dimension value. This needs to be fixed manually.

The Feedback was not allowing to create a new case. That is why all the details have been posted above.

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