Properties: code window?

When a Property is defined you don’t need to Dim the name. The Property is becomes a variable. Sure. I get that.

But what’s that Code Window about? What is it used for? The code I enter into the Properties Code Window never gets formatted (indented) nor error checked when I press the Check Item for Errors button. In fact, I can enter just random nonsense and my little test app still runs fine.

I been watching Tutorials and I have yet to see any code placed here. (In the center of the screen, when defining a Property.) It’s always seems empty. But it must be used for something?

been using RealBasic/Studio/Xojo for 12 years… let me know when/if you figure it out :slight_smile:

I use it to add comments to the property.

Oh… Okay. Got it. It’s not used for anything!

(Kind of embarrassing how much time I’ve already spent trying to figure this out.)

It is used for something.

Comments are an important part of developments…