Proper equivalent of the Canvas object on mobile

I’m newbie on iOS trying to understand the proper way to code properly what I do on Desktop.
On Desktop, I’m a big fan of Canvas for multiple cases :

  • Using a Canvas with a backdrop image to create my buttons
  • Using a Canvas with a background image and add on top some icons ( best ex : a map with some “point of interest” added with the mouse ).
  • put some text on top of a picture …

The Mobile Canvas do not have the backdrop property as ex. I searched with the mobileImageViewer ( from MobileUIControl ) but it doesn’t really fit if I’m not wrong.
What is the correct way on mobile then ? ( feel free to point me to doc or video as I guess it is a pretty basic question )
Thanks !

You can draw a background picture in the mobileCanvas’ Paint event: g.DrawPicture

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For any kind of iOS development I recommend @Jason_King ’s iOSKit and @Jeremie_L ’s iOSDesignExtensions as they have lots of additional functions which Xojo out of the box is missing.

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I would not recommend using a Canvas as a button on iOS unless you absolutely need to.

Using iosdesignextensions, you could add a backdrop picture to a button.

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@Christoph_Emrich Thanks a lot for taking time for your answer
Sorry for , I guess, this basic question, but how to get these 2 extensions part of my project ?
don’t see anything available to add here :
searched in preferences in case it would not be per project but global … something around this ? Xojo Programming Course, 14: Modules and Class Extensions - YouTube
Once again, feel free to point me to documentation or a post.

Bonjour @Jeremie_L Jeremie,
Thanks, will do using your extension
As mentioned in my answer to Christoph, I need to understand how to have it available and how to use it …
note : I found previously your extension and even applied to your newsletter.
I though I could try first to learn more with basic Xojo features but obviously not!

Just download from GitHub and drag the folders from the Finder to Xojo:

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Thanks a lot.
I’m reading and testing the sample project provided with both extensions