Project Xojo/RB Version Display

I see MBS has a sweet plugin for Mac that shows the version in which a project was saved. Not nearly as fancy, but a little quick&dirty drag-and-drop RB program for Windows that will show the version. It does not seem to work for projects prior to RB 5, and I don’t have the latest Xojo, so let me know of errors.

Read Project Version

Thank you for your effort.

However this have to be built in Xojo.

[quote=250373:@Emile Schwarz]
However this have to be built in Xojo.[/quote]

Not hard. Start Xojo, load project, resolve the odd issue, run. Seems fine under Xojo 2015r1.

Sorry, I was not clear.

The MBS stuff AFAIUndersI was awaiting a QuickLook code extension, not a REAL Studio project.

I am not sure what that has to do with the price of eggs - this is Windows - no Quicklook. It is all of about 20 lines of code - use it/ don’t use it, your choice.

You could build the app and add registry entries so it appears as target in the contextual menu in the send to section.
Than you could send project to app and the app shows window with version and closes after a second…

Sorry: I do not noticed that this is the Windows Channel.

I downloaded it, run it on OS X and it worked…

Sorry for the confusion.

BTW: there was no offense intended [and I do not eat eggs since the night of times ;-:slight_smile: ], just surprise because I mis-read your post.

No sweat, mate, all cool.

I’m glad ( and surprised ) it worked on Mac.

I just liked the idea when I saw Christian’s plugin, as I have a lot of oooold projects and return to them occasionally, and it is helpful to know under what version they were saved. I don’t, however, have many versions of RS/Xojo installed, but if anyone wants to add contextual menus go ahead.