Project Resource File and iCloud Drive

When iCloud Drive is set to optimize storage it is supposed to offload files that haven’t been used recently.
For some reason the .resources file in any Xojo project is target for instant removal. This has caused a lot of problems.
I’ve made a folder with a .nosync that is immune to this feature, but anything that spends a second on my desktop in passing, loses the .resources file.

I don’t have the option to turn the optimize setting off on my MacBook in general.
Does anyone know how to stop the OS from removing the .resources file?

this is a BACKUP … right ???
not an active working dir your building projects in etc ?

I’m working out of a folder that isn’t synced.
the OS doesn’t make it intuitive to sync some folders and not others.
As I said, the problem occurs when I get a project from somewhere and it stays in any location other than where I’m working for any time. The resources file vanishes, and when I move it to my working directory it’s gone.

Never seen this. You working Catalina?

Yep, 10.15.1
I’m moving my Parallels off this laptop to free up enough space to not need the optimization feature to be on. However it’s very strange, and I wish I had the option to leave it.

maybe you’ve stumbled on yet another name that iCloud wont let you use
you cant use the name “Dropbox” and several others along with a few that start with a period
not sure there is a list from apple anywhere
but if you google for “restricted file names icloud” you should get several hits like
but none mention .resources soooooo … dunno ?

I don’t know either. Just frustrating, but there a way through it.
For so long I was just sure that Xojo was corrupting my resources file. Maybe it’s an Apple Plot against the Xojo community…

it seems to be more the way these things work and slowly trickle chnage across that hets all borked when you try to compile
And that certain services dont support things like symlinks etc which bundles use
I would expect Apples to but others not so much