Project Marzipan

I mean it makes some kind of sense, you make an iPad application and it works on the macOS. I’m also guessing that ARM based laptops/desktops will appear very shortly, although at this point do we still call them Macs, or touch-less iOS devices?


How weird that people here use a cross-platform framework and say “users don’t care what an app is made with as long as it fulfills their needs”, and then go into a huff about Apple’s plans that they basically know nothing about.

Seems a tad … hypocritical? Trollish?

I would think it all depends on the kind of apps that is being offered. It might make sense for games, graphic based apps or small utilities apps like their Calculator, Weather or something which is more like widget based apps rather than full apps.

All this is available right now. I just bought myself this convertible HP Spectre x360 while HP offered 15% on it. With 16gb ram, 2TB ssd and its 8th Gen. i7 processor, it works nicely and at half the price of a MBPro with same specs.

I have Windows 10 Pro on it with Hyper-V enabled, docker installed, plus the Jetbrains suite of dev tools, visual studio and of course Xojo.

I still find the bureaucracy terrible, which Microsoft imposes on us, when one would like to renew the MS partnership and download the dev tools, aka ‘action pack’. It is confusing as hell…

So there is space for improvement on all sides.

I’ll take Trollish :slight_smile:

Well, in your source it states that it is not going to be a single or compatible OS, but instead, apps could be merged into one.

Well, that is what microsoft already DID in windows 8, just bundle all the executables for different architectures in a single package, but still had different proyects. it was a bad idea then and it is a bad idea now.

Apple have supported multiple executables in their apps for decades; but that was mainly used for different processor architectures.

In this case you may be right, bundling two different platforms in one executable, may run into issues, especially as simple things like icons are different. But I suspect they’ll simply limit it to the lowest common denominator. They could also use stripping on the server side, so that when you download from the App Store it only downloads the correct resources.

They dont use to do that.

Yes, that is posible. The apple store is an advantage that microsoft didnt had