Project Locations?

Hi - newbie here - I bought the Xojo license a month or so ago and built two small applications - one to run on a Raspberry Pi and the other for Mac OS. My desktop license runs on a MacBook Pro. Several weeks have got by and I decided to write a new application based on the “meat” of one of the others. However, my projects have vaporized - I cannot locate them anywhere! When I start up Xojo and click on the Recent Projects" tab on the left, it shows my projects. But when I click on any of them (including the Xojo-supplied “Tutorial Desktop”) I get an error like “Unable to locate item”, yada, yada, yada… The error box seems to indicate that it is looking in HD:Private:Var:folders:j0:…Temporary Items:my_RPI_project

What the heck is going on? Where are my projects?

Where did you save them to? Do you see the myProject.xojo_binary_project file there?

I just saved them to whatever the default location would be. There is nothing in that location. Even the tutorial is not there.

I don’t know what the “default location” would be since I always save mine to a specific folder. I assume it might be the Documents Folder. If there’s nothing on your hard drive, and you can’t find them with a search, then you’ll have to rely on your backup device. You do have a backup device, don’t you?

If that (or similar) is the path it is storing it too… then yeah … they will be gone as the computer trashes that on each reboot

Well, that completely sucks. Why would the developers set a temporary place as the default to store a project if it gets blasted upon a re-boot?

Yes, I do have backup - I use Time Machine and it has saved my bacon on many occasions. I’ve looked around for those temporary things but don’t seem to be around.

Welll… “they” didn’t… somehow (and I can’t say how)… that happened when you installed Xojo or ran it the first time.

As to Time Machine… quit looking… you’ll not find them…since TM doesn’t back up “temporary” files.

Just make sure you select a viable location next time you save a new project, and you should be fine going forward

Well, you are right about TM ignoring temp files - none of them are there, so that won’t help. Will have to chalk this one up to experience. Interesting, as I could have sworn that I put them into my Documents folder, like I do with all my other stuff. I’ll keep an eye on it when I save my next project.

Thanks for your suggestions, Dave and Roger.

If the project file extension is “.xojo_binary_project”, make a search including invisibles and system files.

With a little luck, you may found them.

Also, are-you sure you do not save the project files in an external hard disk (or cloud or…) ?