Project Loads Very Slow


I have a large project that recently has been taking a long time to load, 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

I think this just started with the latest release.

Just curious if anyone else has seen this.

If it has HTML Edit 1.x in it, we just discovered that there’s something wrong with 2018r1 and 2018r1.1 that cause a project to take an eternity to open.

This only happens with the 1.x version in the 2018r1.x release. The 2.x version from GraffitiSuite does not experience the same issue due to a design change.

If it does not have HTML Edit in it, check for long and wide methods (lots of lines and lots of longer lines of code) as that seems to be where the holdup is.

well i have similar problem, both on loading, running and closing the project, thanks Tim i will have a look on my side as well. in case i have those what is the solution so far ? refactoring the methods ? in some cases i guess they cannot be fixed unless you start to split them and then they become ineffective in some way.

thanks for the tip.

Have-you set some 1024 x 1024 icons to your project ?

The problem could be one very long line of code. Many many line continuations…

@Tim Parnell

It does have HtmlEdit. I have forgotten where I got that. Where can I upgrade?



Just contact Anthony there through their contact page

While I recommend upgrading to the 2.x version for some of the functionality changes, it isn’t the only way to overcome this loading issue. You can use 2017r3 to work on your project, and I’ve heard through unofficial channels that the issue should be resolved in a future IDE.

Brian has kindly provided the link to GraffitiSuite :slight_smile:

2018r1.1 takes quite a bit longer to load for our main project, too…

Why would that have an impact of the time required to open/load a project…?

The HTMLEdit control showed this problem extremely badly because of one specific method. Other apps would show the same issue to a lesser degree - but are affected by the same issue.