Project Load Stuck at "Preparing Workspace"

As I’m new to using text based projects, I am not sure if this is normal or not…

I’ve been loading my project into Xojo now for several weeks and it’s loaded just fine. Late last night, my Mac started doing some funky stuff so I closed everything down and restarted. I didn’t come back to it until this morning. Now I’m trying to load my project. It’s been stuck on “Preparing Workspace” for at least ten minutes. The application seems frozen.

Is this normal? It had been loading fine. Fix?

The problem isn’t my Mac. The problem is Xojo getting stuck loading the project.

Does GIT have something like “Revert to version”? In SVN I would just check out a new working copy.

Preparing Workspace can take a little bit, but even with the IDE project it takes less than 30 seconds on my machine, so yes, 10 minutes is extraordinary.

But it could be. The fact that your mac started acting up and then you had problems in Xojo could mean that one or more of the files is corrupt or inaccessible.

Also, make sure that the files and folders of the project are not getting synced with iCloud or Dropbox. The locking that takes place can cause issues like this.

I don’t know about desktop environment but on web 2.0, text projects take forever to open. See <>

Thanks, Greg. Some process on the Mac definitely crashed last night. I started getting security prompts for just about everything. I checked to see if I had any malware and I did not. So I just restarted and Mac OS seems to be fine. Just Xojo that isn’t.

I moved my repository out of my iCloud space as the syncing was causing issues. So it’s just in my user directory. I’ll take Beatrix’s suggestion and try pulling what I have in the online repository back down to my machine.

Wondering if something in Xojo is buggered. It won’t load a binary project either…

It was definitely something in Xojo. I downloaded and installed 2021R3 and the project loaded fine.

So it looks like you Xojo guys are building in a kill switch huh? :smiley:

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