project images alpha channel

I’m working on updating an app and taking advantage of the new alpha channel goodness in Xojo (using 2014r2)

I can’t seem to preserve / import the alpha channel from a PNG image. I’m wanting to use project images (embedded in the project as opposed to loaded explicitly from a file)

So, I have a PNG file that Preview tells me has an alpha channel (and it previews correctly), yet in the Xojo project (compiled for Cocoa):

myImage.hasAlphaChannel is false

dim p as picture = myImage
p.hasAlphaChannel is also false

Am I missing something or is there a bug in here I can’t find info about?

the alpha channel is provided as mask, so hasAlphaChannel must be false.

ok… that seems weird. So we convert it to the alpha channel to use it?

of course. Make a new picture with alpha channel and draw it there.
But normally there is no need to convert.

OK, thanks.

I was doing something odd with other drawing that was making it unmasked.

Thanks for your help.