Project folder location ?

Yesterday, I started a brand new project (a proof of concept project) and I had - once more - tons of troubles.

After removing all usual suspects, creating a brand new one (after removing cache, boot and only fire Xojo, no active Internet, etc.), I noticed that my ùain window is always close at Xojo load time.

Now, minutes ago, I checked and fall into the same trap. I really do not care about that, I had far worst bugs in the IDE, but a frightful suspicion has crossed my mind:

what about the project (folder) location in my hard disk ?

I checked and saw (partial path) that my folder is located:

/Xojo Projects/My Nice Testing Project/

I closed the project file (in Xojo IDE), moved the folder elsewhere (Downloads folder), open the project and I saw my Window1 tab open (vs not open previously).

Nota: the project read/write does not suffer from anything; the IDE never complains.

Are-there any other no-no location(s) to put my project in (XPlatform) ?

BTW: I have strange bugs in that project, but they also exist when I run it (from an USB Key) on Windows 10. So, I suppose I own these.
I trashed Xojo, copy another one from a DMG and locked the IDE file just in case… but the bug was elsewhere.

Sigh… Emile, really. Could you be any more confusing?

What is your problem? What did you do? What did you expect as outcome and what happened instead?


Short question:

What if I create a project in the User folder ? (and use it from there ?)

<user-folder>/My Project.xojo_binary_project

Is it clear enought ?

Use a subfolder of Documents, and you will be OK.

Good advice, but this does not answer my question:

Is there’s location to avoid putting a Xojo project like the user folder ?
Why ? Because when the project was in the User folder, I lost my open Tabs at project load.

The user folder is not locked by the OS and this is (from my point of view) a good place to put some folders there.

I have 23 items in my User folder, 35 in Documents (and there, they are too many).

Why ask for opinions if you don’t intend to listen to suggestions ?

Do as you please.

Because this was not what I was asking. I do not asked for opinion, but knowledgeable facts (educated opinion is good too).

I asked if there are location(s) to avoid placing a Xojo project on a boot hard disk.

I do not asked where I can safety store a Xojo project. I discovered the Downloads seems to works fine by myself. I do not wanted to test all folders that resides in the User folder.

And you offer only one suggestion, not many suggestions to choose from. Excluding weird location leaves me with many places to use not only one where I MUST go (even if I do not want to go there).

With time, I noticed that storing a project on an external Hard Disk is not a good idea (apparently), using UTF-8 characters in the Xojo Project file or in the Project path is also a bad idea, etc. Back to the past.

Emile: what did you do? What happened? You ramblings are way too vague for us to help you.

And no, I haven’t found “weird locations” which Xojo doesn’t like. Except for the known problems with Dropbox. What problems with utf8 characters did you have?

There are many wrong /restricted places on your computer, and they change with every release of the OS.

Put your documents into a sub folder of Documents.
Don’t randomly save files elsewhere and complain if you see odd results.

Why would you consider that a good place?
Download folder is surely the sort of folder you would empty as soon as space begins to run out.
Dont guess… just use the Documents folder… thats what it is for.

Use a sub sub folder then… if you are saving in the root of documents and 35 projects looks like a lot to you, group things.

And if you have Dropbox or similar in play, never use any folder that is backed up by Dropbox as a project folder.
Copy your projects offline, later.