Project file has been corrupted


I have been working on a calculator for three days now.
Today I wanted to continue but I found that my project file was corrupted.
It opens normaly in Xojo but is missing the window and its controls and also one of the two classes I created.
Did I miss something, or did I something wrong ?
Thank’s for your help.

A) Did you get an ERROR when you loaded the project file?
B) Are you sure you actually saved it? (just asking it HAS happened this way)
C) Are you backup copies corrupted as well?

Hello Dave,

I didn’t get any error when opening the file (Xojo binary project)
The project was almost finished when I last worked on it, I saved it normally.
The backup file is ok …
I don’t understand what’s hapening …

Which format are you using? Binary, XML or Text?

Are the file sizes drastically different between the newest version and your backup?

You could also create a private case in feedback and attach your project. We might be able to figure out what is going on.

Hello Greg,

the backup file is 125 KB and the corrupted file is 17 KB.
I saved the project in binary format.
How do I create a private case ???