Project Controls - Is this new?

I just noticed my custom controls are now available in the “Library” ( again ) under “Project Controls”. Is this new or have I been working in the dark ages for no reason?

If it’s new… thank you Xojo team.

Its not really but now it works properly :stuck_out_tongue:
When we first did this it was just too darned slow and I fixed that.
So its reappeared

Darn! Well it’s new to me sooo… thank you Xojo. :slight_smile:

Its been fixed so it CAN reappear so I guess “returned” is a way to say it :stuck_out_tongue:

“returned” works for me. It sure make life easier.

Thanks Norman

Theres a bunch of UI tweaks & fixes in r3
My personal fave is the recent menu changes so if you have two projects with the same name you can tell which is which
8423 IDE: Recent menu items show the unique part of the path so you can better identify files.

Nice… I think I need to go read the release notes again.

Read the IDE section in

34706 IDE: Fixed cursor positioning in the code editor with alternative code editor fonts.

25365 MacCocoa: Graphics.DrawPicture no longer interpolates the image if the AntiAlias property is set to False.
Also Awesome!

35341 MacCocoa: The underlying NSWindow for a Window is no longer marked as restorable.
Does this mean we won’t get the “Would you like to restore windows” dialog after a crash? I really hope so.

There are a ton of bug fixes in this release, especially when you consider the inclusion of a whole new platform!
Big thumbs-up!

The release notes, if you note, make almost NO mention of iOS
They are literally “we fixed all this stuff OH yeah we added iOS too !” :stuck_out_tongue:

Where do I find this feature? Thanks

Is not available in Windows and Linux. It’s only usable on OSX 10.9.4 and above.

Okay thanks.