Project Chooser

Is there a way of deleting projects from the Project Chooser? I don’t want to simply delete the OSX file because Xojo won’t know about it and problems may follow.

As far as I know the best you can do is delete them all
Menubar > File > Open Recent > Clear Menu

It’s ok to delete the file. It still gets listed in the chooser but if you click on it a message comes up saying it couldn’t be located and allow you to delist it.

After you do that, if you select a project that no longer exists, it asks if you want to remove the project from the List. But on Windows anyway, it deletes the project from the list, but the next time I start up Xojo, the project is back in the list. I have not filed a bug report, too much going on right now.

I’d like a “Favorite Projects” kind of view. I’ve discovered I use the Recents List like that by obsessively clearing the recents menu and then opening projects I want to remain there.

Sorry to be late.

If the entry(entries) in the Project Chooser is no more “on line” *, Xojo remove it (them).

As an example, if you have some projects in an external hard disk, remove it (or do nothing if that hard disk is not connected), then on the Project Chooser, select (just select) the entries and the one offline will be removed.

This is a kind of work-around.

I’ve seen that too that the removed items re-appear in the project chooser.

I usually click the project from “top to bottom”.
Once I believe i clicked them from “bottom to top” (and removed all the no-longer-existing projects). After that, the list was correct when i next launched xojo.

I just don’t have the time to check if this is indeed true: removing several “no longer existing” projects in the project chooser only works when going “last -> first”, but not when trying to clean up “top -> bottom”.
And if there’s a difference between WIndows and the other platforms.

I’ve created a case in Feedback about this some days ago <>

I read it and that is why I gave the above answer.

I’ve made a search but I do not found it, so I am asking myself if I was dreaming or not:

wasn’t a tiop shared lately about modifying the number of entries on OS X ?

(I lost that when I reinstall Xojo…)