Project Chooser Crashing

The 2005R1 IDE on my Mac started acting up yesterday. The IDE no longer starts up properly. As soon as the project chooser window pops up, the app presents an window telling me that the application unexpectedly quit. Rebooting the Mac, clearing the caches and preferences didn’t help. I can start the IDE successfully when pressing the Shift key during the startup, which bypasses the project chooser. However, when I select “New Project…” from the File menu, the project chooser window pops open and the app crashes the same way.

Has anybody else seen this? This started happening yesterday, and it also affects the older IDEs I tested (2014r3.2 and 2014r2.1)

Rename your examples folder.

Did you happen to install 10.10.3 yesterday?

That helped! Yes, I did just install 10.10.3. Why does that happen?

There’s a bug in 10.10.3 that causes crashes under certain circumstances. It’s been reported to Apple and we hope it’ll be fixed before it’s released.

I just installed the latest 10.10.3 beta which was released today, and it appears to resolve the issue.