ProgressDialog functions for iOS

In the upcoming MBS Xojo Plugins in version 22.5, we add new classes to show a ProgressView. Check out what you can do with ProgressHUDMBS class:

Video here

As you see, we support determinate and indeterminate (value set to negative) with two labels below. Feel free to test in your Xojo iOS app with the current 22.5pr4 pre-release. The look can be switched between round or bar for showing progress, indeterminate circle animation and colors can be adjusted.


Anyone tried this?
I’d like to fix any bug before the 22.5 final release.

I will try it today :slightly_smiling_face:
And I believe @JasonTait has tried it

Yes I have and the latest changes to detect orientation and fix the imported photos are looking good. One of my testers did find an edge case which I haven’t had a chance to report to @Christian_Schmitz yet. Apparently WhatsApp can auto save photos that people send you to your camera roll and these photos do not have an “Orientation” key in the image properties so you just need to check for the existence of the key first, which is safer code anyway of course.

ProgressHUDMBS crashed my app when using a 0.5 second grace period and hiding the progress within 0.6 seconds.

Setting ProgressHUDMBS.gracetime will crash the app whenever ProgressHUDMBS.hide is called.

There are probably some edge cases to find and fix.
graceTime seems to work. Please make sure you have pr5 to get the bugs from end of last week.

I found a bug and fixed it, so pr6 will be better.