Progress Wheel Size

I’ve searched and seen several messages, but only examples of user created wheels. Many of the threads go back years.

The issue is that the size is fine in MacOS where I created it, but a very tiny wheel when built for Windows or Linux.

Is there some reason this has not been fixed by XoJo yet? It seems like there should be a working around for this at least.

For something like this, I’d really prefer to use the built-in features vs. adding a bunch of extra code.


I am experiencing the same with Xojo 2021r3 and 2021r3.1. Curious to know the answer.

From the docs:

The ProgressWheel is always displayed at the standard system size. Resizing it has no effect.

It would seem that is no longer true for macOS, but remains true for Windows and Linux.

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Thanks Paul.

AFAIK the macOS has two sizes, small and not so small. Maybe other platforms don’t have other sizes.

The macOS also supports determined circular progress wheel, and with some declares you can make the Xojo progress wheel act like this too (on macOS).

You can make it any size in Big Sur it seems, but it does appear to be rasterized :grimacing:


In MacOS and make any size and yes it’s not rasterized and sucks if it’s too big. That’s not the issue. No matter what size I make on the Mac, it’s tiny on windows and Linux and moved over to the left from where I placed it.

The Progress Wheel sucks and has never being usable (at least on windows)
Fixing? you should know xojos policy by now, even if it sucks and it is not working, they are not going to fix it unless there is a Feedback case with LOTS of votes :roll_eyes:

Dont waste your time and put a little of extra code there. It is just a couple of pictures animated with a timer in a canvas.

I was updating Sam about the new behavior where macOS ProgressWheel can now be any size. As he had noted, the control didn’t always behave this way. My post is to update those who weren’t aware this change had occurred.

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I was thinking the same thing after I posted last night but needed some sleep. I’ll look in to this today.

Or just one picture and a graphics translation to rotate the context :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, looks really useful, so glad someone at Apple allowed this to happen…

Yes, if the choosen loader is axially symmetric, rotating it is an option.

I was actually happy to find a few months ago that I could make a ludicrously large progress wheel, (it looked great in my app) but then I was bummed to find it didn’t work in Windows, oh well.

There are still slight differences between both methods, IIRC. For example, if your app hangs, I believe the native wheel will continue to spin (while, obviously, your with a timer won’t). Possibly just details, but already start to feel “non native”.

In Window and linux (as the OP is asking) xojo uses a custom canvas with a custom “non native” animation anyway…

The only change is that he can make a bigger control, on current display resolutions it is just ridiculous to have an UI element limited to 16x16 pixels