Progress Wheel shade does not change

Hi there!

In some projects (not in all projects, which makes it a bit harder to find a solution), the shade of my progress wheel does not change. It remains dark.

I found this bug in the feedback app and it was closed because it could not be reproduced. Does anybody know why it happens and how to get the progress wheel shade to be light?
59067 - iOSProgressWheel Shade property no longer works when set to light since 2019r3 / Xcode 13


It was my bug report. I only have one project and it happens for 100% of my progress wheels since Xcode 13 / 2019r3. I’d also like to know why it can’t be reproduced.

I was not able to add to your bug report so I filed a new one and included some screenshots.
60648 - iOSProgressWheel shade = LIGHT does not work

Workaround until this is fixed, using iOSDesignExtensions:




Awesome, thanks!