Progress bars not working in Yosemite.

Has anyone else noticed that incremental progress bars from XOJO apps aren’t working in Yosemite? They just don’t display at all until the end, when they are 100% finished. No progression

Worked perfectly before Yosemite.

Yes, i have noticed the same

My progress bars are still working and I can’t reproduce a problem.

By incremental do you mean the indeterminate view that used to be a barber pole? That’s now a solid blue with a very light fade that sweep across, almost too light. Either way my bars are updating, can you post some code?

I’ve not see that here, Carbon or Cocoa?

Working fine here. How do you update your UI. Do you use Timer/ Threads?

When using a Thread to do something and a timer to update the ProgressBar the same problem appeared.

I even tried to suspend the thread and resume it from the timer after calling ProgressBar.Refresh, it didn’t work either.

Please file a bug report with a sample project.

Most of my apps uses progressbar and it is working fine here (with OSX10.10)

I have a progress bar with a thread running from 60 seconds down to zero and than it makes the progress bar invisible and clear the clipboard. This app works fine on Yosemite.

I had the same problem and I added a progressbar1.Refresh after the value change and that fixed it.

That fixed it for me, Kenneth! Thanks!

Wonder why it changed?

Yes, when I added a progressbar.refresh to the action method of the timer, then this solved the issue.

In general I must say, the update to Yosemite causes me more negative consequences than the one to Mavericks before.

Since there is no longer any perfectionist like Steve Jobs at the lead of Apple, it seems like people are no longer afraid of getting fired for such mediocre works…

Could very well be the case. Or not enough testing.

I reported it in another thread, but the documents losing their icons is verified. Slooopy. I also noticed some applications taking forever to become active, such as Thunderbird. And there is definitely an issue in the way applications get in front upon launch, or when using declares to bring an application in front.

I have the same problem running my app on Yosemite. ProgressBar doesn’t progress when updated from socket events. Used to work fine.

I’ll try the suggested .Refresh workaround.