Programming with AI

Hi, with mostly all other languages it is completely normal to have AI as “autocomplete” to get even really big and complex functions with only write the functions name.
This is a thing we use multiple times a hour (with other languages, of course). Codequality is mostly better then the handwritten code and it let us do coding multiple times faster. The AI nows what I want to do before I know that myself. It writes thousands of lines of code every day.

What more time should I wait to have that in Xojo? I just think about Android (and the time it took, hmmm takes). A feature like KI should already have been delivered since 1 or 2 years. It is absolutely mandatory to have it delivered within (lets say) 2 or 3 months from now on. But I just didn’t see it in the Roadmap.
So Xojo is just expensive and outdated. Ahh, and of course, it has bugs and bugs and bugs nobody cares about. Documenting them in the bugtracker is just a waste of time and mostly every question (I have) could be answered with “Seems to be a bug” or “not implemented”. So as I know that, it is even a waste of time to write about it in the forum. Someone from Xojo said, fixing bugs doesn’t sell licenses. Fixing bugs at least ensures that current users stay. Everything I see at the moment is causing existing users to switch and new ones to laugh out loud.


Sounds like Xojo isn’t the right tool for you.


Unless I’m confuse, KI is the Kotlin Interactive core for REPL, and “other languages” is just Kotlin?

What is “KI”?

“Other Languages”, in their IDEs, have their own autocomplete/help system. The Microsoft one is called IntelliSense for example.

AI ?

Argh, Sorry. Yes. KI is german :see_no_evil:
I mean AI…

We are ages away from an AI offline helper in Xojo. In Microsoft world it is called Intellicode. Actually, we are far of reaching a basic IntelliSense. There are lots of bugs and features to take care right now for years before even thinking in an “AI copilot” feature.


What is the benefit of such a thing anyway. I don’t see how an AI system can write code for me.

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Intellicode does not write, it offers suggestions.

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Perhaps you have no usecase for it. We use it every some minutes and it writes great code.


We use it every day, it “writes” tons of code and this code has great quality. Today I heard from a developer here: “I will never ever code without AI anymore.” We make great software with it and it helps massively in reducing development time.

Fire him. He’s useless.


Criticism of Xojo is “off topic” in the Xojo forum. This actually says everything about Xojo… @Dana_Brown


Yes. Why isn’t he writing great software without it?

That’s one (your) opinion. We see it differently.

He said “I can’t write code, I just want a bot to do my job”. Hire a bot. Problem solved. :smiley:

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He did that for 20 years, and now time is moved on. Btw. we now use cars, although the horse-drawn carriages still work

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Let’s just make this conversation simpler. That’s a too advanced feature we are far from getting it in Xojo. Don’t count with it for few years. Ask for a better “Intellisense” and I’m with you right now.

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