Program SQLite book updated to Version 2.4

I Wish I Knew How To… Program #SQLite with #Xojo API2 Version 2.4 book has been released. It is a free update for Version 2.x purchasers. More book information can be viewed at and can be purchased at


Updates to this book are based on using the Listbox to view and change data.

Updates to Version 2.4 – Aug 2023

  1. Added Example to place SQLite data in a Listbox (Example 30-1)
  2. Added an Example to rearrange the Listbox data (Example 30-2)
  3. Added Example to save Listbox Data to an SQLite Database (Example 30-3)

Note: I am working on a major update that includes the use of new API2 controls in version 2.5 - Stay Tuned !


I have the January 2023 edition (2.3). How do I get the free update?

Hello @Jack_Ross,

I believe that the steps are to log into Gumroad, and you should be able to download the latest version. There should be a record of the purchase. If there is an issue, then please contact Marc at

publisher at (written in length to prevent spamming bots)

Happy to help.

Will do, thanks!

Thanks for keeping this updated. I learned a lot from this book and the knowledge gained was instrumental in some of my recent projects. Cheers!

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I appreciate the hard word you and xdev do but I gave up trying to keep updated with all the books I have bought.
I have bought just about all and when a new version comes out I’m told there is no record of my previous purchase so left only one option is to buy new.

That is strange, back in 2018 I bought: Program Excel 2016 with Xojo in Windows (RBL-0060)
I received the download link in 2018, and then several updates notifications. I can open any of the Download link emails and download the version just by providing my email address. I just downloaded the latest version without any problems (I don’t remember my login/password).

Maybe you can try that or contact support?

I never get update notifications for some reason.
Yes contacting support helps and Eugene helps also but kind of a hassle for all trying to keep updated.