Program error in contain with Link

Windows 10, Xojo 203 R4

I found a program error in Container with Link.
I add a Container to the new project and insert a Link. In the properties of Link1 to Locking I add “To Right”.
As in the project:
Test Container_Link

Now everything is OK, but if I expand Container1 on WebPage1 to the right, Link1 disappears. Strange things are also happening in Container (not on WebPage1), Link1 has changed its width to very large.

Do you have an animation of what you’re seeing go wrong?

Adding a debug color to the background of the container to make it easier to see, I don’t see locking behaving in any way that I would not expect it to with 2022r2 (I have to fix the link color to be valid for the older IDE though).

Here an animation (this is the IDE not the browser):


Yikes. Make sure that one gets filed with the old

:white_check_mark: This worked in a previous IDE (is a regression).


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You didn’t change the width?

Your Link width is 1659 but your container is 250. The locks left/right/top tries to keep the control inside the container but the link is too wide.

Why the link is that wide? Doesn’t make sense as anything that overflow the container will not show by default on the WebPage:

That’s weird. The Link1 width is 210 when I open the project.

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Yeah, I don’t know what is happening and the width changed on its own after trying to make the container wider.

@Artur_Zaremba please open an Issue.

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These animations are great, thank you very much for your help.
I have never reported any issue. I don’t want to write it wrong

I can open it for you.
Give me a few minutes.
Will update this post with the Issue number.

#75701 - WebLink inside a container changes width and disappears by changing the container width on the webpage

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I was stressed that maybe I had made a mistake, but now I feel a lot of satisfaction. I’m glad I could help develop the app :slight_smile:
Thanks to @AlbertoD for creating the report

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