Profiling code with the remote debugger

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure if this is a “haven’t done this for ages so can’t remember how it works” thing, or a "never tried this before thing"…

Is it possible to use the ‘Profile Code’ option when you’re working with the remote debugger? To be specific, I’m running Xojo on Mac OS X and testing a debug build on Windows running under Parallels, using Remote Debugger Desktop 2.0.1. When I quit the app on Windows, the profiler stats don’t appear in Xojo.

Does code profiling work with the remote debugger, or should I be rolling my own profiling code in this situation?

Compile the program with the profiling flag on.
Put the compiled program in the Windows Virtual machine and run it.
Run the program and use the functionality you want to test.
Close the program when you are done testing.
Take the profile.txt file that was created next to your program and copy it back to the mac.
Process the profile.txt file with Kem’s Profile Reader.

Thanks, Dirk: I’ll bear that in mind the next time I need to do some profiling on Windows.

To save a few of those steps you can go to the folder that shows as the “Download Location” in the remote debugger window on the remote machine. The profile.txt file should be there next to the exe file if you have profiling turned on in the IDE.