Profiler in 64Bit not working in large project

Good day,

I have a strange problem: my fairly large project doesn’t show the profiler when run under 64Bit (2018R4). If I switch to 32Bit, profiling works fine.

First I thought it’s still not available - but then I tested with a much smaller project - profiler works both in 32 an 64Bit. Now I’m puzzled. I have tried to “Save As” the large project in order to get a new and maybe cleaner project file. But still - no profiler in 64Bit, works fine when switching to 32Bit.

Same thing on my Mojave machine as on my High Sierra machine at work.

Any hint?

Thank you!


Does your large project have problems with quitting? Have you tried startProfiling/stopProfiling manually?

Both no. I’ve read about the quitting problem :slight_smile: But … in 32Bit it works fine. In 64Bit I just don’t get to see that “Profiler” Icon in the left toolbar (and thus no window with profiling results). Strange …

Other than that: profiling works like a charm! Just scraped off thousands of milliseonds on some old code I nearly forgot I was using. Very very handy. Should do that more often. And thus is would be nice to not have to switch to 32Bit before (which takes a while - especially re-compiling).

I too have been unable to profile my 64-bit project. I just chalk it up to 64-bit debugging still having kinks to work out and move on.

Thank you. I think you’re right. And as long as 32Bit does the trick, it’s ok.

I was only curious because with that small Update-App I’ve done, it works fine… and that’s not really worthwhile to put into feedback, right? (“usually works, but not with my project” … that’s not exactly specific).


Rather sooner than later 32bit is going away. If you want to continue using the profiler you should file a bug report.

Ok - I’ll give it a try. But I have nothing to “proof” it. If I make a new project, it works fine. But I will not be able to post my 60+MB project, I’m afraid :slight_smile: Thank you anyway!

sometimes a video can help out. show it workig under 32bit and not 64bit. not sure if it will help them this time.

For some nasties I had to post my complete project. That’s not much of a problem because you can attach attachments privately.

Have you inserted the declare that calls the system level application termination method? If so this will make it so profiling does not work as it circumvents the normal shut down of the application.

This may help:

Argh! Found it! The idiot is always in front of the screen, not behind :slight_smile:

I had a “QUIT” in the “CLOSE” event of the app - which is … a stupid thing to do. Must have been there a while, don’t know why I put it there. The 32Bit compile didn’t complain, the 64Bit doesn’t want it.

Anyway - I took the “quit” out - and it works like a charme.

Norman Palardy was very quick in the Feedback system - GREAT support!

Thank you all for your answers! I’ll call it a day now and go grab a beer.

Cheers to all!