Process cleanup not working?

I wondered why memory is getting lower and process count increases as shown by the Infos app:

Now I made an app to show process list:

And this shows more or less:

5669 Infos /home/sites/–port=8863
5765 Infos /home/sites/–port=63657
5802 Infos /home/sites/–port=26248
5982 Infos /home/sites/–port=52497
12475 ProcessList /home/sites/–port=62347
12483 ProcessList /home/sites/–port=58975
12703 Infos /home/sites/–port=20437
12729 index.cgi /usr/bin/perl-w/home/sites/
12886 index.cgi /usr/bin/perl-w/home/sites/
13100 index.cgi /usr/bin/perl-w/home/sites/
13133 index.cgi /usr/bin/perl-w/home/sites/
13155 index.cgi /usr/bin/perl-w/home/sites/
30411 Infos /home/sites/–port=9109
31382 Infos /home/sites/–port=40821
31436 Infos /home/sites/–port=22842
31581 Infos /home/sites/–port=25118
31792 Infos /home/sites/–port=59183
31894 Infos /home/sites/–port=41407
31966 Infos /home/sites/–port=18874

So as you see a lot of copies of Infos app are a running.
What can we do there?

Ok. The perl ones are normal. There will be one of those for each user whose browser is currently talking to your app.

As for the others, we are aware of that and hope to be pushing out an update on Monday. They eventually die off, but they should go quicker than that.