Problems with midi files in Win

Hi there…
I am having problems paying midi files in Windows. I have all the MBS plugins… I don’t want to “parse” the midi data or anything… I just want to point it at the midi file and play it.
I used to use Quicktime, but now that the internet has been buzzing about the security flaws in QT, Apple discontinuing it and the general pain for a potential customer to have to install QT before trying out my app, I decided to use VLC as my audio player (that’s working) and using window Media Player for playing midi files.
I was using the AXWMP Example in the MBS examples. I could get it to work in some windows but in other windows, notably the windows I want,
It would load a file, play it (I could see the progress bar moving) but no sound. It’s horribly unreliable.

The reason I needed i,t was its ability to change the rate (the playback speed) which is crucial to my app. It’s a sight-reading trainer for guitar and bass players amongst other things.

My Mac app works wonderfully (using MBS) and everything just works.

My questions:

  1. is there any reason why AXWMP (which is the windows media player) will play in some windows and not in others?
  2. Have we got any other alternatives to WMP, which will load midi files and where playback speed can be controlled?
    Cheers :slight_smile: