Problems with GraffitiSuite PopupMenu

Hello people!

I know this is a question best asked on Graffitisuite support but since my licence has already expired (considering renewing if this problem is fixed), but here it goes over here, perhaps someone has experienced such a problem.

I have some PopupMenus, the ones that are placed on regular Web Pages work perfectly fine. The problem is that whenever I have a PopupMenu on a Web Dialog it does not work. It worked perfeclty with earlier versions of Xojo but with the latest release it is not working.

Any thoughts?

@Anthony_G_Cyphers your thoughs are greatly appreciated.

Can you define “it is not working”? Maybe provide a screenshot?
If the popup shows but when you click you see nothing, could be that it is opening behind the dialog (create a long popup to check if you see part of it).

Thanks for your reply Alberto.

If the popupmenu is on a webpage I can use the search feature.

But on a Web Dialog it does not work. Users can’t type inside the search field. Selecting from the dropdown list works though.

Sorry I can’t help, but from what you posted maybe someone using Graffiti or Anthony can comment if this still a problem or not with newer Graffiti version.

Edit: maybe if you mention the version you are using Anthony can have a better idea of the problem.

Yeah… I probably should include the version number. Sorry about that.

GraffitiSuite Web 2.0 R49.1

I want to upgrade to the latest release but I’m on hold hoping this issue has been addressed.

Thanks for your help @AlbertoD

I see that the latest one is R54. I think that (maybe) R49 is old enough to be Bootstrap 4.x and not Bootstrap 5.x compatible.

Anyway I hope @Anthony_G_Cyphers can share more information.


This issue was fixed in release 53, which was made available in December.

Fixed: GraffitiPopupMenu's dropdown can once again receive focus when the control is embedded in a WebDialog. (99)

Yep, that’s what I figure. Hopefully this has been addressed. I really like Graffitisuite and Anthony has always been a great guy and his support has been top notch.

Thank you @Anthony_G_Cyphers !

Will be upgrading today.


Took me longer than expected to upgrade but when I finally did I was very impressed witg the improvements of Graffitisuite. Good job @Anthony_G_Cyphers !