Problems with connectivity to Filemaker via ODBC

I am designing an application that involved a Xojo program to connect to a Filemaker DB via ODBC. It was working fine, but the laptop was very slow and I had to rebuilt it. I re-installed all software that was running before (details below), as well as the ODBC drivers. I set up the DSNs as before and re-compiled the XoJo executable again, but it does not run any more as it used to run before. At some point when it attempts an SQL statement to the Filemaker database it exits without any error message. The SQL statement is the 4th. The previous 3 SQL statements are running OK.

[Environment is: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Filemaker Pro Advanced 15.0, Xojo 2018 r1.1, and Filemaker ODBC driver 64bit]

I am in the elimination process and I got completely stuck. If any one has any idea what I may have not installed on the newly-built laptop, please help!

Did you try MBS Xojo SQL Plugin and the examples included for connecting to FileMaker?

Hi Christian,

Please let me know briefly how it compares with the Xojo ODBC plugin?

Thanks, Paul

It’s alternative database plugin.

either you use SQLDatabaseMBS with RecordSet and PreparedStatement.

or you use SQLConnectionMBS with SQLCommandMBS and SQLPreparedStatementMBS.

But you can also mix and get a SQLConnectionMBS for the connection in SQLDatabaseMBS. And for a SQLCommandMBS you can get a recordset.

You may need to change code using edit/update/delete methods working on RecordSets.

Hi Christian,

I am happy to test it out. I am developing software on my laptop for government clients and transferring over to their PCs the executable only. The .exe communicates with their Filemaker databases via ODBC. Do I have to install the plugin to their PCs too, or just on my development laptop only?

You install on the computer with Xojo.
The plugin is compiled into the app.

it may be good to read slides from my presentation here:

watch the video here:

Or read the article in XDevMag 14.1.