problems in Sql 2005 queries

hi, I try to connect to a sql2005 and the connection succeeds
when I do a query (which I know that returns 100% populated records), the returned recordset is not nil but the first record contains all the fields evaluated to nil
if I do a movenext all the fields become of value 0 … if they are numeric fileds, empty strings in case they are string or character type fields

has anyone had similar experiences or has indications for a resolution of this problem?

Do any of the records in the recoredset contain valid data? (If you movenext again)

I assume that exact same query in another tool returns all valid records?

That would indicate that the returned recordset it simply empty. You can check this by checking the value of the EOF method of your recordset.

Also, just after you call SQLSelect, check the Error and ErrorMessage Properties of the database object.