Problems getting started with Linux

I am new to Linux. Installed Mint MAKE 32 bit on old PC with 2 GB RAM. Running Xojo2016r3. Copied an app built in Windows to the Documents/Xojo Projects folder. Linux is checked under Build Settings.Run is greyed out. Build is not. When I try to build, it appears to start then hangs.

Xojo is in /opt/xojo2013r3 with permissions for the directory set to 755.

I have also tried to run the program from Windows using remote debugger. On the Windows machine, it appears to download the file, then hang. This is a shot of the Terminal window after I scrolled up. The bottom line was repeated for several minutes until I stopped it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In linux, open a terminal and type this,

cd to_app_path

you should see what’s the error.

I had a feeling it was something simple. The build settings were set for ARM not x86.