Problems downloading picture

I have a problem when I try to download a file(Picture) this is the code, it is run but doesn’t download the file

  Dim picPath As String = Me.RowTag(Me.ListIndex)
  Dim f As new FolderItem(picPath, FolderItem.PathTypeNative)
  if f <> nil and f.Exists then
    filedown = WebFile.Open(f)
    filedown.ForceDownload = true

  end if

filedown is a webFIle in Properties

You should look at the downloading example in the Xojo executable folder.

You need to add the most important part :

ShowURL(filedown.URL)[/code] right after [code]filedown.ForceDownload = true

THanks for the help MIchel!
I will read at detail the example.