Problems building a 64-bit application

I have an application that works both run (debug) and build (compile application) perfectly well in 32-bit.
In 64-bit it runs (debugging) without problem, but when I build (compile it) I get this error:
Does anyone have an idea about it?
Xojo 2022r2

Do you use plugins ? Are they updated ? Do you clean the cache ?

Thank you Valdemar for your time.
I don’t use plugins and the cache was clean.
The solution has been shutting the computer (completely, not restart) and starting it again. Everything has worked now.
In fact it is not the first time with Xojo that I have to shut completely my computer to solve some strange problems.

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This was named a “Cold Boot” vs Restart (a “Hot Boot”).

There is a difference as you already see.

Yes, indeed.