Problem with files?

Hi Tim,

I tried to download a file (Cocoa PullDownPopUpMenu) from a link mentioned in

But if I try to download Cocoa PullDownPopUpMenu from I actually get a file that isn’t a Xojo project but that contains the text below (truncated):


var jaguarStreaming = jaguarStreaming || {}; jaguarStreaming.preloadImg = function (url) { var img = new Image(); img.src = url;[/quote]

Is defunct or is there just a problem with that file?



Hi Markus,

The downloader tool I wrote to get all the dropbox files downloaded had some trouble related to how a file was shared. During the batch download process, some files were a HTML page from Dropbox rather than being the file requested. The result is what you’re seeing. Some people have been sending me the broken files and I’ve been replacing them. There’s not much more I can do about it without the originals.


Thanks for the explanation. I”ll ask if anybody has that file.

Take care