problem with start and end of a movie in MoviePlayer

Hello together,

I want to play some short videos one after the other with some text questions plus answers between them.

code for displaying videos:

[h]problems at the begin and end of a movie with MoviePlayer[/h]
dim vPlayer As MoviePlayer

self.vPlayer.Controller = 0
self.vPlayer.AutoResize = False
self.vPlayer.Left = (videoWin.Width / 2)  - (vPlayer.Width / 2)
self.vPlayer.Top  = (videoWin.Height / 2) - (vPlayer.Height / 2) f.OpenAsMovie
if aPlayImidiately Then
end if

There are some problems in my solution:

  1. After ending of a video and playing a new: in the first part of a second the end of the previous video is displayed before the new video begins. Can I delete the old video in the MoviePlayer beforehand?
  2. Is it possible that the end of the video (last frame) is displayed longer like a freeze frame (e.g. for 1 second) before the video ends?
  3. Is it possible to scale the video (wmv under Win7 and mpg under Mac) direct in the MoviePlayer?

I tried a timer that checks every 50 ms the start or end of the video …

  if self.vPlayer.Position >= self.vPlayer.Duration + 1.0 Then
    vPlayer.Visible = False
    me.Enabled = False
  elseif vPlayer.Position > 0  Then
    self.vPlayer.Visible = True
  end if

Under Win7 the elseif part of the timer seems not to work correct … and the duration before visible=false is not helpful since the player ends the video and the screen is immediately black.

Do I code wrong and/or is there another/better solution for this?
Thank you in advance,