Problem with movieplayer being enabled


Haven’t been here for a while and things look much better! I am still on RS2011 R3 and I am currently having problems with the movieplayer.

I play the music track i want via a cellclick event in a listbox. All works fine but the player seems to be disabled although i specifically set it as enabled.

Any ideas why?


Any body?

I am really stuck and can’t get the movie player to respond. It is as if setting .play programmatically disables the control.

Have you grabbed Xojo & tried it there ?
If its a bug and it was fixed then thats something to check
Its free to try

Thanks Norman. I managed to work it out. The movie player had a parent of the groupbox, which i set programmatically. However some of the groupboxes, although displaying on a canvas, needed to have their parent set to the canvas otherwise the player was not enabled (although it would play).