Problem with MBS-Xojo-Plugins176pr1 and MBS.dylib

Sorry, but this is an esoteric MBS issue!

If I have the latest MBS prerelease plugins loaded (176pr1) on Xojo 2017r3 and try to load MBS.dylib is crashes when loading the extension (LoadExtension). I’m not sure if this happens on other OS’s than macOS. It works fine with the latest 175 plugins.

[code] tempSQLConnectionMBS = tempSQLDatabaseMBS.Connection
tempSQLite3MBS = tempSQLDatabaseMBS.NativeAPI
tempSQLite3MBS.EnableLoadExtension(tempSQLConnectionMBS, True)

  errorNumber = tempSQLite3MBS.LoadExtension(tempSQLConnectionMBS, f, errorMessage) 'app crashed on this line[/code]

Not sure of any workaround.

17.6pr1 has a bug on Mac which crashes when the plugin tries to get a file path.

Fixed plugins are here:

till 17.6pr2 comes.