Problem with MBS Bluetooth Plugin

hi, I’m having trouble approaching the MBS Bluetooth Plugin library. I use Xojo 2019 r3.1. I try to open the v204 examples and they don’t work.

For example I get:
Can’t find a type with this name
dim Services () as WindowsBlueToothServiceMBS = w.Services

Same if I try to open the same example using the v211 plugin.

In practice I seem to understand that it does not find the class inside the Plugin (even if the intellisense shows it).

How do I resolve?

The problem is that the MBS Bluetooth Plugin has conflicts with other Plugins…

There are dependencies, not conflicts.
Please put Main and MacBase plugins in plugins folder if you like to try our Bluetooth plugin.

Thank you very much for the link and for the solution. I did not know the dependencies page.

However, I was misled by Xojo’s behavior.

The 2019 version opens, it makes me open the project regularly and, at compile time, it pulls me out 1440 errors of “Type mismatch error”, on classes and methods of other Plugins that had always worked.

While Xojo 2015 had given me, upon opening, a strange window where I remember (I’m 90% sure) literally “conflict” was mentioned.

I hope I will be able to try the plugin then. Thanks again.

Please make sure all plugins are from same version.
Ans restart Xojo to load them again after you copied a new plugin.

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