Problem with Inno

I’m have a problem to make an install for my application.

Here is a screen dump of the Innolink text

I can get the task accomplished by removing the line for “kSign” and making the installer then running the output of Inno, screed dump text

This worked ok a few month ago. Any help would be appreciated.

It sounds like your Code Signing Tools Setup is wrong. Here is mine:

“C:\Program Files\kSign\kSignCMD.exe” /f “C:\Users\BobK\Documents\BKeeney Software Inc.pfx” /p MYPASSWORD $p

So you may have any number of problems. Is the path to kSign correct? Is the path to the certificate correct? Is the password correct?

And the script has this:

SignTool=kSignBKeeney /d $qAppName$q /du $q$q $f

Thanks Bob.

Check my script and tried a few modification, still got an error.

Guess I need check out the instructions on Inno web site.