Problem with InitialDirectory on Mac

I want to save some charts to a directory and use the SaveAsDialog.InitialDirectory facility to set the default destination folder.
The path to the default folder is calculated in advance using the .NativePath property of the FolderItem that represents that folder.
On the PC the native path is: D:\SurveyData\BRAC\Charts\
This works perfectly under Windows 7 so that the user only has to press his Save button without having to select a destination folder and Charts is the default folder.
On the Mac (a new Mac Air) the native path is: /Users/pv/Desktop/SurveyData/BRAC/Charts
In the SaveAsDialog I get all folders present on the desktop and from there I can drill down to the desired folder but that isn’t quite what was intended.
I can’t find anything in the help system that suggests that the .InitialDirectory property doesn’t work under OS x (version 10.9). On the contrary, according to a table in the help system this property is available for all implementations.
The application itself is located in the SurveyData folder.
I’m running the latest version of Xojo on a PC. The Mac OS X version is 10.9
Can anyone enlighten me?

Seems to work fine here
How are you creating the folder item for the initial directory ?

Thanks for your reply.
The code for creating the Charts folder is as follows

// Check if folder “Charts exist”; if so do nothing else create it
If Not BSFfolder.Parent.Child(“Charts”).Exists Then
charts = BSFfolder.Parent.Child(“Charts”)
End If
// Create the path to the default folder for storing charts for this analysis
savepath = BSFfolder.Parent.Child(“Charts”).NativePath

Both on Mac and PC a Charts folder is created if it doesn’t exist.

The folder structure I deal with is
\Charts (sibling folder of BSF)
In the code above BSFfolder is a string which is the native path to the particular BSF folder that is picked by the user in a SelectFolder dialog.
What puzzles me is that both the PC and the Mac code are built from the very same source code, but the end results differ.

Oops. Of course BSFfolder is a FolderItem, not a String.

I’d put a break point right before you use it as the initial directory & see if BSFolder.exists is true

I’ve checked for the existence of the folder which turned out to be OK.
I have, however, found the source of my problem. In the GetFolderItem I had only listed the Native path as a string. I found out that I had to set the appropriate PathType class constant as well. Once I did that the problem went away.
Many thanks for your time and suggestions which helped me to focus on the underlying cause.
As far as I am concerned this issue can be closed.

Well since this isn;t a bug report its no worry about closing it

Unless of course you DID file a bug report ?