Problem with External Module

The compiler does not recognise the items of an External Module. I use XOJO 2013 release 3.3 on a Macintosh OSX 10.6.8. Would this “old version” be the culprit?

Never had any issues with that version and external modules. When you say “recognise the items” is it that the module itself is recognized, but particular controls, property or methods are not present, or do you get an error ?

The method which is in the module is visible in the list of elements of the project but the compiler pretends that " it does not exist".

did the example work which I emailed you?

I sometimes get this issue where the IDE will not autocomplete a method, but typing it manually still works and compiles fine… I find restarting Xojo at this point handy…

Are you sure it is global ?

YES. At least it says so !

So it should be seen.

When you get the does not exist message, is it the method name that is outlined ? The IDE outlines yellow what it does not recognizes when an error occurs.

Difficult to help more without any idea of the code or the project. I would start by verifying that properties in the module are seen. If so, there is no reason the method would not. Then I would comment out the present call to the method and make a test one with parameters I know exist.

Or I would add another method and check if it is seen.